How To Survive The Working Week | Step 1: Don’t Take Work Home With You

How To Survive The Working Week | Step 1: Don’t Take Work Home With You
How To Survive The Working Week | Step 1: Don’t Take Work Home With You


Blackstar Doodle

I have been visiting my Mother who is very poorly at the moment. Thankfully David Bowie decided to release his new single to cheer me up. So, to say ‘thank you’ to Mr. Jones here is a sketch I did from his marvellous new performance piece. 

I think that his new track is extraordinary and the short film that accompanies it is a breath of fresh air in an incredibly stale industry. Bravo Bowie. Long live Blackstar. Thank you for making me smile.

Coffee Drip

Coffee Drip
Coffee Drip

I have felt like I needed one of these to be invented RIGHT NOW for the last couple of days!
Of course, such an invention would probably kill whoever first attempted to use it!
What a way to go though!

Anyway, the irony is that I drew this on the train home last night still hanging from several 5 hour sleeps and I’m now posting it after a blissful 8 hours…sorry!

Anyway, here Fred is, hopefully surviving a coffee drip.

The Walking Dead: Here’s Not Here (Morgan Study)

The Walking Dead: Here's Not Here (Morgan Study)
The Walking Dead: Here’s Not Here (Morgan Study)

I appear to have accidentally started a series of The Walking Dead cartoons!

The last few weeks have been quite tough. Work has been relentless and a family illness is taking its toll on me. It took a meltdown at work for me to realise that I was not coping with what was going on as well as I thought.
It felt a bit like a kettle boiling and once it boiled I could think clearly again.

I spent the weekend with Phil (my wife) trying to get grounded again which I think I managed quite successfully. It was all about quieting my mind and keeping focused on the things that really matter and not taking things personally when actually they’re not about me. This is part of my DNA I have been fighting my whole life but Phil really helped me get centred.

Then the latest episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ (Here’s Not Here) aired. It appeared just when I needed it. The story of Morgan, a man reduced to a wild animal through trauma, is brought back from the brink by a peaceful man who teaches him how to find inner peace. It was really inspiring and helped me realise that you can’t always fix internal damage by yourself. Sometimes you NEED other people to pull you out of the water because you just can’t fight that current.

Now Morgan is a zen master! He still makes mistakes, of course, but he finally appears to have found the peace he was so desperately searching for after losing his family.

This week I am channelling my inner Morgan…perhaps without the ‘giving guns to wolves’ bit! ;)

The Walking Dead “Thank You” Study

The Walking Dead "Thank You" Study
The Walking Dead “Thank You” Study

I am a huge Walking Dead fan. I don’t think they’ve had a bad season but this current one (Season Six) is blowing me away!
Last night’s episode (Thank You) was the best so far…in my opinion.

The last shot we had of Rick in last night’s episode has stayed with me so I felt compelled to draw it.

I wonder if he’ll lose that hand…!

Long Walk Home (Sky Blue)

Long Walk Home
Long Walk Home (Sky Blue)

Part 1 of my Peter Gabriel series. Illustrations inspired by ‘UP’ (2002)

No.1: Sky Blue :: Long Walk Home (music from ‘The Rabbit Proof Fence’)

Marty & Doc Arrive In 2015!

Marty & Doc Arrive In 2015!
Marty & Doc Arrive In 2015!

Yeah, yeah…I know I haven’t nailed either of them but I had to do something today for one of my favourite films growing up. This was a super-quick sketch before breakfast so I apologise for its crudity…it’s not to scale! ;)

Anyway, Back To The Future Part II was amazing to see in the cinema in 1989. It blew my mind and the cliffhanger ending left me guessing for a good six months. My little mind couldn’t cope!

Anyway, I don’t really believe in what Marty is saying here. The opening of BTTF2 was clearly a joke but considering how tongue-in-cheek the 2015 section was I am quite chuffed at how much they got right!

Great Scott this is heavy!

Captain Weirdo Takes The Tube

Captain Weirdo Takes The Tube
Captain Weirdo Takes The Tube

You do see some characters on the London Underground (or The Tube). The majority of people are rude and selfish but every so often you come across a real character. This guy was weird, there’s no doubt about it. He was playing with a cricket ball and was very spread out across the seats. He was rugged up for winter but was wearing shorts. A complete contradiction of a man. Everyone on the train was conscious of him but despite being a minor concern he seemed fairly harmless.

Here he is for everyone to see. He got out at Oxford Circus.

Dickhead Tax

Dickhead Tax
Dickhead Tax

Commuting has been so awful lately; dickheads who smell breathing all over everyone, carrying massive backpacks on their backs oblivious that they’re knocking people with it, loud music, stupid self-important work phone calls (before 9am…really?!) and worst of all: pushing and shoving. The self-righteous I’m-in-a-hurry-more-than-you bullshit.

This cartoon shows Fred, the ticket inspector, enforcing the Dickhead Tax!