(not so) Great Northern Railway 2

(not so) Great Northern Railway 2
(not so) Great Northern Railway 2

I thought I may as well continue my personal assault on (not so) Great Northern Railway. Why not? I am always told if I’m doing a bad job, so why should a big company be immune?

(not so) Great Northern Railway

(not so) Great Northern Railway
(not so) Great Northern Railway

Great Northern’s services are DREADFUL.

Their staff have no idea what the word Communication means. Their Twitter feed is merely reactive. There are no staff on the platforms to help pregnant women when trains are cancelled. The list goes on.

My wife and I actually sent a formal letter of complaint (in the post) and it was ignored. When challenged we were told ‘we didn’t receive it’. Then we were told ‘oh, actually, we did and we replied but you must not have received it.’

This is a business, is it?

When a business functions this poorly it is filtering down from some incompetent over-paid prat at the top.

This is said prat…or what I imagine it to look like. Prat.

Another Apple iOS update FAIL

Apple iOS Update FAIL
Apple iOS Update FAIL

First World problems!
Apple updated the software for iOS and MAC yesterday. Now I can’t use iMessage or FaceTime.

Apple Support have sent me a link to help me fix ‘my’ problem. Needless to say that the only thing I haven’t tried on their list is to ‘wait 24 hours’.

What a joke! Apple are becoming more like MicroSoft with every passing year…