Against All Odds

Against The Odds
Against The Odds (click to enlarge)

I have recently discovered the awesomeness that is ‘Monkey Punch Dinosaur‘. It is the massivest(!) collection of pictures of Monkeys punching Dinosaurs on the net. Check it out as there are some truly brilliant artists contributing. I, staggering late to the party as usual, have decided to have a go myself. Above is my submission which will hopefully also be appearing on the website it was intended for! Enjoy 🙂

As an aside (while you’re here captivated and reading!) I drew this cartoon whilst listening to thenewno2‘s new album ‘thefearofmissingout’. I have to say that had I not been listening to it this drawing would have been totally different not to mention the fact that it might not have been drawn for ages…if at all! What an excellent album! Check out their sound, they’re a talented bunch of guys to look out for.

Have a great weekend all 🙂


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