Fred’s New Advert!

Fred Little is...
Fred Little is…

I used to work in London’s West End and I remember one day receiving the page for an advert where I was supposed to add artwork. I printed it out to look at it at 100%.

For some reason, I’ve always found films with ‘Matt Damon IS Another Tough Cop” taglines quite hilarious, even though I know they’re not meant to be. So, when I saw the empty space I drew Fred in there for a bit of a laugh!

I was just tidying up my old files from 2010 and stumbled upon this and it made me laugh out loud. Perhaps it’s an in-joke but I’m hoping someone out there will think it’s funny too!

Happy Monday everyone and to all of my American friends; don’t forget to vote 🙂

P.S. I’m quite glad it wasn’t my fault that ‘Anderson’ was spelt wrong! I hope someone hanged for that!!

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