The Big Squeeze @chilternrailway


Another day, another delayed and unpleasant journey home. This time the miserable people of Buckinghamshire mixed with a complete lack of communication lead to this cartoon that I drew on the way home.

Phil (my wife, for those of you who don’t know) commented “God forbid we had another war and had to start rationing; can you imagine what people would be like?” as we watched people push, pull and argue into their place on the train. Vultures.

And Chiltern Railways. Their lack of communication skills are second only to a mute insect…that’s being eaten.

One thought on “The Big Squeeze @chilternrailway

  1. LOL! That’s about how it is too! And your wife (Phil) makes a valid point… What if we suddenly went into a black-out, all over the world. The chaos would be beyond belief! And the bedlam… Oh the bedlam…

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