False Freedom

What Is Freedom?
Is there such a thing as ‘freedom’ in today’s society?

My commute into and out of London was particularly bad today. Lots of people who felt entitled enough to push onto a train that was already far too full, people swearing at each other over tiny things…your basic breakdown of society stuff…

Anyway, on my way home I looked around at my fellow commuters and thought about the different ways we occupy ourselves while we’re stuck ‘trapped’ in a moving box. I was not surprised to see that most people were emailing, Facebooking or playing some sort of game on their smart phones (most of which were Apple by the way).

I started to wonder, in the wake of the recent events in France, what are we fighting for? The answer was obviously Freedom; whether that be freedom of speech or whatever. But regardless, I started to ask myself how free are we exactly?

I’m not convinced that a strict routine, nor an addiction to a piece of software, is freedom.

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