Cecil The Lion and the Elephant In The Room


5 thoughts on “Cecil The Lion and the Elephant In The Room

  1. So, what you’re saying is that non-vegetarians are hypocrites because illegally hunting and killing an endangered and protected animal is morally equivalent to eating chicken/beef?

  2. No? Really? Because having noticed your last tweet, that does seem to indicate you find them morally equivalent.

    So, if I understand, it’s not okay to comment about your own distaste for the sport-killing of an endangered animal whilst being a carnivore — because you’re moral compass is clearly off — but it is okay to jump on the Cecil ‘band-wagon’ to push your own moral point of view on an otherwise unrelated matter? Fair do’s.

    I think we would continue to disagree on this issue, so I’ll leave it at that.

  3. Not at all. Everyone is free to have their own opinion.
    I am not commenting on people concerned about an endangered species. I am commenting on people shocked at the cruelty but blindly repeating the views of others; people who don’t realise the impact of their own choices.

  4. An interesting point! Especially i think around household pets, like you would give your life for your dog but are happy to take life of countless other innocent animals.

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