The Walking Dead: Here’s Not Here (Morgan Study)

The Walking Dead: Here's Not Here (Morgan Study)
The Walking Dead: Here’s Not Here (Morgan Study)

I appear to have accidentally started a series of The Walking Dead cartoons!

The last few weeks have been quite tough. Work has been relentless and a family illness is taking its toll on me. It took a meltdown at work for me to realise that I was not coping with what was going on as well as I thought.
It felt a bit like a kettle boiling and once it boiled I could think clearly again.

I spent the weekend with Phil (my wife) trying to get grounded again which I think I managed quite successfully. It was all about quieting my mind and keeping focused on the things that really matter and not taking things personally when actually they’re not about me. This is part of my DNA I have been fighting my whole life but Phil really helped me get centred.

Then the latest episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ (Here’s Not Here) aired. It appeared just when I needed it. The story of Morgan, a man reduced to a wild animal through trauma, is brought back from the brink by a peaceful man who teaches him how to find inner peace. It was really inspiring and helped me realise that you can’t always fix internal damage by yourself. Sometimes you NEED other people to pull you out of the water because you just can’t fight that current.

Now Morgan is a zen master! He still makes mistakes, of course, but he finally appears to have found the peace he was so desperately searching for after losing his family.

This week I am channelling my inner Morgan…perhaps without the ‘giving guns to wolves’ bit! 😉

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