Fred enjoying Autolux's amazing new album 'Pussy's Dead'
Fred enjoying Autolux’s amazing new album ‘Pussy’s Dead’

Nothing makes me happier than discovering a new album…that I really love!

This year has been a great one for music so far; but Autolux’s new release, ‘Pussy’s Dead’,  really caught me by surprise. I love their first album (‘Future Perfect’) but I’ve never been able to source a copy of their second (‘Transit Transit’). Since then they’ve been off my radar.

Then, thanks to Spotify, I was told their new album was available for me to listen to. What a lovely surprise and what a great album. Totally not background music (the best kind) and it totally fucked with what I was expecting from an Autolux album.

Their sound is just as fresh as it was back in 2004 and so if you like the same music as I do and you’re looking for something with a bit of an edge then look no further.

They’re also doing a small tour which is bringing them to a single London date…perhaps I’ll see you there?

P.S. Living in the UK I’ve yet to source a copy of ‘Pussy’s Dead’ on vinyl…but rest assured that I will find a copy. No way will a CD do of this baby!!

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