What a brutal year it has been. We have lost so many amazing, talented and era-defining artists in such a short space of time.

No cartoon I can draw will every do someone like Prince justice.

I have my sister to thank for getting me into Prince. She is nearly 6 years older than me and I grew up hearing ALL of his music in the mid-eighties. Of course, I hated it all then (or pretended to) but as I grew older I realised how amazing all of the music was/is.

I now feel extremely fortunate to have been at a Prince gig in 2007 for his ‘Planet Earth’ tour. It was at the over-sized, rubbish-acoustics O2 Arena in London but he performed in the round and he sounded amazing.

My main question, and the not-so-hidden message behind today’s cartoon is:
Who is replacing these wonderful artists?

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