Dream In An Open Place

Dream In An Open Place
Dream In An Open Place

This drawing was a long time coming.
It is inspired by my recurring thought that if it were 100 years earlier (as in, I’d been born 100 years earlier) I would possibly be in the trenches of France right now. Or dead.

The title comes after the Vangelis piece of the same name. While I was studying the First World War this particular track, from his 1995 album ‘Voices’, made me think about a moment of calm after the storm in the trenches. I’m not sure why.

Knowing Vangelis this piece of music is certainly about something more beautiful.

This drawing looked a lot better in my head. Perhaps I will revisit it one day when I have more time.

This was drawn on the Procreate App (on the iPad Retina) with a 53 Pencil. Incidentally, I wore the nib of my stylus out finishing this!!
A time-lapse video will be on my instagram for those interested.

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