Neil Cowley Trio

Neil Cowley Trio
Neil Cowley Trio

Phil and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the Neil Cowley Trio’s gig at the Union Chapel last night.

What an amazing gig.
They played their beautiful new album ‘Spacebound Apes’ in its entirety which was just fantastic. The album deserves to be listened to all the way through and to hear them play tracks such as ‘Weightless’ and ‘The City and the Stars’ live was just jaw dropping.

Neil getting the stage to himself to perform the haunting ‘Grace’ was a lovely interlude (and also a fitting end to side 1 of the LP).

Sorry, this is turning into a review, which is an accident. Basically, the gig was incredible and the three guys are so amazingly clever that you do wonder how this sound is being reproduced so accurately. I’m still not sure how they play ‘His Nibs’ or ‘She Eats Flies’ without someone’s arms or fingers flying off into the audience!!!

Today’s quick sketch was inspired by one of the many faces Neil pulls while playing. He really is an inspiration to watch and the joy he feels while playing is palpable. This cartoon was attempt to capture one of the looks he gives Rex or Evan while they’re really going for it in a number!!

If you still haven’t allowed the joy that is the Neil Cowley Trio into your life yet please check them out. Their new album is gorgeous and I cannot recommend it highly enough as a piece to use as a muse, listen to and talk about.

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