Behind My Fred

Hi! My name is Tom and I am an illustrator, designer, writer & marketeer.

Fred has gone through many incarnations over the years and continues to change and grow as I do. Other characters have joined him along the way, but he remains my mouth piece.

Tom in 2016
More recently I have been drawing other types of illustrations. While Fred makes an appearance occasionally, I am working on my style and hope to share my experiments with you as I go!

I have always drawn directly onto paper using any number of pencils. I then scan the images into computer, edit them and polish them up a bit, although I always try to retain that ‘freshly drawn’ look.
I also like to draw on my iPad using Adobe’s fantastic vector-based ‘Draw’ app.

At the moment I am filling my second ‘sketch-a-day’ book!

Thank you for visiting and please leave comments. I love to hear your thoughts 🙂


Tom Schoon
February 2017


twitter: @tomschoon
instagram: @thenexttom

This site is dedicated to my Mum, who always believed in my drawing, inspired me to keep going and is missed every day.
Julia Schoon
1944 – 2016

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