Long Walk Home (Sky Blue)

Long Walk Home
Long Walk Home (Sky Blue)

Part 1 of my Peter Gabriel series. Illustrations inspired by ‘UP’ (2002)

No.1: Sky Blue :: Long Walk Home (music from ‘The Rabbit Proof Fence’)

Marty & Doc Arrive In 2015!

Marty & Doc Arrive In 2015!
Marty & Doc Arrive In 2015!

Yeah, yeah…I know I haven’t nailed either of them but I had to do something today for one of my favourite films growing up. This was a super-quick sketch before breakfast so I apologise for its crudity…it’s not to scale! 😉

Anyway, Back To The Future Part II was amazing to see in the cinema in 1989. It blew my mind and the cliffhanger ending left me guessing for a good six months. My little mind couldn’t cope!

Anyway, I don’t really believe in what Marty is saying here. The opening of BTTF2 was clearly a joke but considering how tongue-in-cheek the 2015 section was I am quite chuffed at how much they got right!

Great Scott this is heavy!

Picard & Riker

Picard & Riker

The weather has been fairly shithouse today so I have been chain-watching Star Trek The Next Generation. Needless to say this picture of Picard & Riker standing on a planet presenting themselves was the result!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

I started drawing this cartoon this morning before work. I always like to celebrate the birthday of one of my greatest heroes, Charlie Chaplin. Anyway, I finally finished it tonight, so here it is! Better late than never…

Rik Mayall


I didn’t just love him because he was hilarious. I loved him because his characters symbolised anyone who has ever been repressed, bullied or misunderstood. Today is a tragic day.