Dream In An Open Place

Dream In An Open Place
Dream In An Open Place

This drawing was a long time coming.
It is inspired by my recurring thought that if it were 100 years earlier (as in, I’d been born 100 years earlier) I would possibly be in the trenches of France right now. Or dead.

The title comes after the Vangelis piece of the same name. While I was studying the First World War this particular track, from his 1995 album ‘Voices’, made me think about a moment of calm after the storm in the trenches. I’m not sure why.

Knowing Vangelis this piece of music is certainly about something more beautiful.

This drawing looked a lot better in my head. Perhaps I will revisit it one day when I have more time.

This was drawn on the Procreate App (on the iPad Retina) with a 53 Pencil. Incidentally, I wore the nib of my stylus out finishing this!!
A time-lapse video will be on my instagram for those interested.

The Human Experiment

The Human Experiment
The Human Experiment

Another day…another group of innocent people killed.

Fighting violence with violence simply isn’t working…it isn’t and never has been the answer. We must look at the big picture: we don’t know how long we’ve got, we’re lucky to be here and we are ONE species. Yes, animals and insects fight each other to the death, fair enough. But we have been given the ‘gift’ of consciousness. We can decide what we do. We can choose our actions. We can rise above our basic instincts if we wish.

At the moment we are choosing to act like simple beasts.

Bombing Syria (Are We Heathens?)

Bombing Syria (Are We Heathens?)

I am not condoning what the terrorists do, of course not.

However, I do not believe that dropping bombs on targets that also include innocent civilians is the answer.

Our governments have learnt nothing from all of the legal genocides over the years. How successful were Hitler’s bombings on London? Did he kill Churchill? Of course not.

These bombings have never achieved anything except mass destruction and loss of the the very people we should be protecting.

Shame on us.

Picard & Riker

Picard & Riker

The weather has been fairly shithouse today so I have been chain-watching Star Trek The Next Generation. Needless to say this picture of Picard & Riker standing on a planet presenting themselves was the result!