StickMan meets Mr. Cross

StickMan meets Mr. Cross
StickMan meets Mr. Cross

I Waited Too Long…

I Waited Too Long...
Fred returns from months of avid MasterChef watching

“So, I’ve decided to take my work back underground, to stop it falling into the wrong hands.”

So, I've Decided To Take My Work Back Underground; To Stop It Falling Into The Wrong Hands
Inspired by The Prodigy's second album...and my state of mind

Fred & StickMan – The DVD to Blu-Ray Comparison

Fred & StickMan - The DVD to Blu-Ray Comparison
Fred & Stick-Man reluctantly posed for me for an HD drawing!

As you can see from the top image (DVD), the quality is far inferior to the bottom image (Blu-Ray HD)!

Frozen SpiderMan, Part Two

Frozen Spider, Part Two
Stick-Man finds a solution to Spider-Man's problem!