Well, here we are; 366 days later I have drawn 366 cartoons and literally filled my sketch-a-day book. It has been an amazing experience, one that has taught me just how important it is to have a discipline when it comes to anything creative.

It has also taught me to be able to draw anything anywhere, no exceptions, no excuses! I have drawn on/in planes, trains, station platforms, waiting rooms, on holiday and in other people’s houses and the odd hotel. Most of them, however, were drawn at mine and Phil’s dining table where I seem to get most of my inspiration.

I chose not to share every single cartoon as some of them are quite personal, especially around the time Mum died. As time passes, and the bruises heal, I am sure all will see the light of day at some point.

Now to say a few thank yous now that this project has come to an end. I know this is pretentious, wanky and pompous but this has been a big deal for me so here it goes…
Thank you:
To all the ‘friends’ and people who are rude to me; to the politicians who fuck this planet up; you inspire some of my darker material and I couldn’t do it without you
– fuck you very much 🙂

Anyone who likes or comments and anyone who has ever given me constructive feedback (Jodie, I’m still working on those legs!)

Kristy for giving me the sketch-a-day book in the first place

Mum and Gran for inspiring and encouraging me to draw in the first place. I hope you can see what I’ve done this year…somehow.

Phil for being my biggest fan and fairest critic

Happy New Year and see you out there in 2017

Advent – Day 24

Advent - Day 24
Advent – Day 24

However you spend this holiday season, I hope you and your family have a lovely time.
Here’s to a bright 2017.

Advent – Day 20

Advent - Day 20
Advent – Day 20

I’m a day late posting this because of being away for work…

Advent – Day 17

Advent - Day 17
Advent – Day 17

I don’t think Father Christmas has this sort of power!